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Steps you should do before purchase to make sure you receive your order instantly

Before you purchase any product from our website we suggest that you make sure the following steps are completed:

How to get your key instantly:

  • When paying via PayPal please make sure your PayPal account is Verified and also use the same PayPal email address and name on our site. If not, you will go through a manual verification and your order will be delayed. Once you are verified your next orders will go straight through.



Delivery Related Questions

When will my order be delivered?

Our system delivers the CD Keys instantly after your order passes the fraud checks. Your order will be delivered via email or you can view the purchased keys in your account -> downloads section.

Please check in your SPAM folder too because the email gets there sometimes (mostly for hotmail accounts)

If your order has the status "Shipped" and you have not received on your email your key, please contact us with an email at Do not send more than one email as this will result in a delay to our response.



Order Status Related Questions

After you make your purchase, your order will have the "Processing" status. Below are all the order statuses and their meaning

Why is my order status Processing ?

Your order has been received and will be changed to “Shipped” once the payment is cleared.

Why is my order status Pending ?

After you made a purchase and your payment details do not match the ones on your account a Manual Verification is required by one of our agents and should be cleared in less than 1 hour; if more information is required you will be contacted via email.

My order status is Shipped

Your order has been sent via email and is also available to view in your Account –> Downloads.

My order status is Refunded

Your order has been refunded.

My order status is Cancelled

Your order has been cancelled and is going to be refunded soon.

My order status is Fraud / Fraud Review

Your order has been marked as Fraud by our system and needs to be Manually Checked. If it passes the manual verification your order status will be changed to Processing. If not your order is going to be refunded soon.



Payment Related Questions

What type of payments do you accept?

We currently only accept PayPal as our payment method with more methods to be added soon.



Other Questions

When will you answer my support email ?

During our business hours you should expect an answer to your email in less than 1 hour depending on the amount of emails received. We use a queuing system so If you email more than once, you will be sent to the back of the queue which means further delays. Be patient as we reply to all of our emails.

How do you offer such low prices?

We offer such good prices because we buy only the CD KEY from the boxed version of the game. Which means there are no shipping + handling costs, stocking costs and retailer profit.

We are acting as a reseller. Instead of buying from Steam, Origin, Uplay you buy from us at the lowest price, without the platform owners/publishers adding their own profit on the game price.

Also, we are gamers, and we want to provide the best customer service that we have seen the other stores lack very much in. Our customer reviews prove this.